What Is Concierge Medicine?

You've heard of a concierge in a hotel. The concierge is the person who takes care of a guest's every need, from calling them a taxi to helping them find the perfect dinner reservation for a night on the town. Concierge medicine takes many of these ideas and applies them to healthcare. Concierge medicine services make getting medical care convenient for patients.

When you choose to participate in a concierge medicine service, you have 24/7 access to your physician. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get health concerns taken care of quickly, or for people who have chronic health conditions that need regular monitoring. Many people who travel regularly enjoy using a concierge medicine service. For many conditions, a concierge care provider can work with you to diagnose your condition over the phone, and then call prescriptions into pharmacies close to you if needed.

Sometimes, you may need to work with a specialist to get care for a specific condition. Our physician will work with your other medical care professionals, and you'll be taken care of every step of the way. At Gulf Coast Medicine, when you sign on as a patient, you're family. You'll never have to deal with your health conditions alone.

You know how important it is to get regular medical care, but you also know how difficult that can be when you're busy. When you choose concierge medicine, you're getting everything that you need, on your own time. Call Gulf Club Medicine today to learn more about whether our concierge care model is a good fit for your lifestyle.

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