IV Infusions: What, Why, and How

Whether you're an athlete who failed to hydrate properly before a competition, or you're an average joe who just had a little bit too much fun at the wine bar last night, you know how hard dehydration can hit your body. You may feel like running to urgent care for a solution, but there's an easier way to take care of your intense hydration needs that will have you feeling better in no time - IV infusions.

If you've ever had surgical treatment in a hospital, it's likely that you've had an IV before. When you get an IV, a medical professional places a thin catheter into your vein with a small needle. Fluids, vitamins, and medication are delivered directly into your bloodstream via the IV. An IV infusion can be tailored to your specific needs, and we're able to custom-mix vitamins, medications, hydration fluids, and other components to create the perfect mix to have you back to your glowing, healthy self in no time.

If you're not feeling your best and you're debating a trip to urgent care, give us a call first. We're happy to provide IV infusions whether you're a regular patient with us or not. Stop in or call us to learn more about whether our IV infusions service could be a good fit for your needs.

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