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Your life is a busy one, so you don’t have time to feel under the weather or dehydrated. When your body has been placed under stress, an IV infusion is an immediate injection of essential vitamins and nutrients to get you back on your feet. Primary care specialist Luke Williams, MD, and his experienced team offer HydrovIVe IV fusion therapy at his practice, Gulf Club Medicine in St. Petersburg, Florida. Call Gulf Club Medicine today to find out more about this restorative treatment, or book an appointment online.

IV Infusion Q & A

What is an IV infusion?

If you’ve never had an IV line yourself, you certainly know someone else who has, or you’ve seen one in a movie or a TV show. IV infusion is a popular procedure, and you’ll often see celebrities sharing pictures of themselves receiving treatment.

An IV line is a catheter that your doctor inserts into a vein, usually in your arm, using a small needle. The catheter is attached to a bag or container of fluids, medicines, or vitamins that flow directly into your bloodstream, so you immediately feel the benefits.

Dr. Williams and his team at Gulf Club Medicine offers IV infusion therapy. They use HydrovIVe IV fusions to replenish your vitamin and nutrient levels, getting you back to feeling your best.

How do IV infusions work?

IV infusions carry nutrients and vitamins straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. When you take vitamins orally, you absorb only 20% of the nutrients once they pass through your digestive system. With an IV infusion, you receive the full 100%.

If you’re out of sorts or recovering from illness, call Golf Club Medicine today and schedule your pick-me-up.

What are the benefits of IV infusion?

An IV infusion treatment typically takes 30-45 minutes. You can feel the difference almost immediately. Each infusion blend is tailored to treat specific health issues or ailments. Depending on your needs, you can expect improvements in the following:

  • Hydration levels
  • Hangover symptoms
  • Headache and migraine relief
  • Energy levels
  • Muscle recovery
  • Skin conditions
  • Hair and nail health
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Immunity levels

Whether you’ve been training too hard, had one-too-many late nights, or are feeling run-down, schedule an IV infusion at Gulf Club Medicine today.

How long do the benefits of an IV infusion last?

You'll typically feel the direct benefits of an IV infusion for 2-4 days after the initial treatment. The longer-term effects on your body can last up to three weeks. To continue feeling their best, many people schedule regular infusions — every week or every other week.

An IV infusion gives you an immediate boost in vitality and feelings of well-being. Schedule an appointment today. Call the practice or go online to find out more about IV infusions or book a treatment.